10 Food Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier


These days everyone is trying to figure out an easier and faster to get from point a to point b. In my English class we had a brain fuel day, which is basically reading or on the internet looking at things that will feed our brains with new information. I so happen to be looking at food and stumbled upon everyday hacks for cooking. I noticed I actually have been doing some of those and i would like to share it with you guys.

1. Wetting your fingers to get the egg shell out


2. Removing an egg yolk. This is perfect for those who just want the yolk or just the egg whites without the mess of trying to separate them.  First crack and egg into a bowl. Then squeezing and empty water bottle, put it on the egg, then stop squeezing. The bottle will suck up the yolk. To take take the yolk out just squeeze on the bottle.


3. Store onions and potatoes separately. Did you know they both make each other go bad faster?


4. Blow into a bag of lettuce and seal it tightly. The CO2 keeps it from becoming soggy.


5. Separating your bananas once they are bought. They will stay fresher longer.


6. Filling a ketchup bottle with pancake mix.


7. Soften butter by grating it. It’ll be much faster then waiting for that chuck of butter to defrost


8. Remove fats from soups, stews, or casseroles with ice cubes. by adding ice cubes, it makes the fat congeal


9. Prevent over boiling. place a spoon across the a pan of boiling water and I’ll stop it from boiling over.


10. Remover garlic skin faster. smash a head of a garlic up. Put it into a bowl and have another bowl cover over it. Then shake.

shake and stuff


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