5 Festive Thanksgiving Desserts

coverNeed a little pazazz to your thanksgiving holiday? Or want some bonding time with you’re child? Here are 5 festive thanksgiving desserts to help you. You’re desserts will be the talk of the party or dinner. Compliments will be thrown at you on how great they look and taste.

1.  Lets start out with cupcakes. Everybody loves cupcakes and their so easy to make. Whether by box or from scratch, you can never go wrong with them. These cupcakes here have a chocolate flavored cake and frosting. You probably may have some left over candy corn and m&ms from Halloween that no one wants. I’ll help you get rid of them. Just use the candy corn as feathers and a beak. As for the m&ms, take the brown one’s and use them as eyes for the turkey (like the left one). If you don’t have any it’s time to go to the store and buy some. While you’re at it buy some oval wafers and Twizzlers if you’re going for the cupcake on the right.

1cup2. These pilgrim hats are so easy and cute. Just buy some Keebler Fudge Striped Cookies or any other cookie that’s frosted with chocolate on the bottom. You can use either small Recess Peanut Butter Cups or big marshmallows for the top of the hat. Also use yellow frosting to frost the belt buckle on and to attach the candy to the cookie. For the marshmallow, melt down some chocolate and coat the marshmallow. Then place it on the cookie so it can harden. The middle pilgrim hat seems to be using a carrot or some orange candy for the belt buckle.


3. Oreo Turkey. Using 2 Oreos, you can frost them so they stick together or use melted chocolate. Then stick in candy corn between the Oreo to make feathers. for the Reese cup cut 1/4 of the candy off to make a flat surface. Frost or melt that surface of the candy, then stick it onto the Oreo. For the head Whoppers can be used or any circular, chocolate cover candy. With yellow frosting, make the feet of the turkey. The beak, just cut of the white end of a candy corn.

oreoturk4. Turkey cake pops. This dessert is popular with the teens and kids now a days. Just crate you’re favorite cakepop with a chocolate coating. Before the chocolate hardens stick on the candy corn,


5. Sugar cookies are a great way for you and you’re child to  work on this together. All you have to do is cut the shape, bake, and frost. Easy as pie.



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