Chocolate – Dipped Peanut Butter Cup Stuffed Oreos


Holy mother of sweets..whoever came up with this, is a genius! I recently came across this picture on Facebook and I wanted to share this with you guys. Ever since I first laid my eyes on this I couldn’t stop drooling. How do people come up with these things? Do they just have Oreos and Recess cups hanging around and just out of curiosity, they put them together? It probably starts out as an idea. You see two great tasting foods in front of you. Thinking to yourself that if combining those two would create an even greater tasting food. Well you try it out and BAM! It tastes freaking awesome! Now all these “what if’s” pop into your head. What if I covered it in chocolate? What if I added some sprinkles on the top to make it a little more colorful? So you test it out and voilà. It tastes like you ate an angel. Now you make some more for your friends and family to taste. And guess what, they love it. So then you’re friends and family decide to share it with their friend and so on and so forth. During that process someone will post it up on the internet. Which gets around to other, who try to recreate it; some people adding their own little twist to it. They all be come part of that circle that keeps this thing alive. I am going to be apart of this by sharing it out on my blog.


So basically if you can’t tell what goes into this. It’s just some Oreos, Recess Peanut Butter Cups, chocolate that can be melted down and some sprinkles. The steps in the picture above are pretty self explanatory. So have fun making these because I know I will. Also what other candies would work just as well and taste awesome?


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