So today in English we had a pretty fun assignment. My teacher called it Mishmash, which was basically choosing one of the four assignments and doing them. The four choices were: 1.) to create a unique blog post, 2.) think of ideas to be put into a toy dispenser (which is located in a teachers class, so whenever someone needs an idea they can go up to the machine and pop in 50 cents), 3.) using everyday objects we have to create an image with it. (inspired by Javier Perez, Instagram: @cintascotch), or 4.) creating a homework assignment that students would want to do. I decided to choose the third one.What Javier does with his art work is take everyday objects that no one really thinks about and draws around it to create a different image. This assignment made me see the uniqueness of boring old objects and giving them a greater meaning.

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Brown Rice Quesadilla


I just want to welcome you guys to a new year! Yay 2014! Oh gosh I’m going to have to do a lot of erasing when it comes to writing the date down. Is it just me or do you guys have this problem too? Anyways I have a pretty basic yet tasty recipe today. It’s just a typical cheese quesadilla, but with brown rice. I used to use white rice, but I switched to brown. Also I would put some kind of meat, but since I didn’t have any around it was just cheese and rice. Continue reading