Brown Rice Quesadilla


I just want to welcome you guys to a new year! Yay 2014! Oh gosh I’m going to have to do a lot of erasing when it comes to writing the date down. Is it just me or do you guys have this problem too? Anyways I have a pretty basic yet tasty recipe today. It’s just a typical cheese quesadilla, but with brown rice. I used to use white rice, but I switched to brown. Also I would put some kind of meat, but since I didn’t have any around it was just cheese and rice. So, I didn’t have the energy to make something so fantastic because of the continuous eating I have been doing. From all those Christmas dinners, then a new year party with more food. Don’t forget those leftovers that didn’t get eaten up. Too much food for my stomach to handle. Alright, enough of how much I ate during the winter break…

***Lets get started***


Step 1: Take any pan, depending on the size of your tortilla, and place on stove top. Turn on to medium heat. I’m using a small/medium sized pan.


Step 2: Place tortilla on pan. I like to heat my tortilla on one side for 30 seconds then flip it over.


Step 3: Add cheese. This part you can add however much you want. I only had about half a cup of cheese left, so mine didn’t turn out as cheesy as I wanted it to be. It still tasted awesome in the end.


Step 4: Add brown rice all over the cheese. You can also use white rice too. I’ve made it with white rice before and it taste just the same.


Step 5: Fold, cook, flip. Fold your quesadilla in half. Let it get crispy and then flip it so the other side can crisp up too.


Step 6: Serve with ketchup This step is optional, but I think it tastes better with ketchup.



Shredded Cheese

Brown Rice



Place pan on medium heat. Take one tortilla and put it on the pan. Spread cheese all around the tortilla. Place a scoop full of rice and spread on top of cheese. Fold tortilla in half. Cook until both sides are a golden brown. Remove quesadilla and serve with ketchup.


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