So today in English we had a pretty fun assignment. My teacher called it Mishmash, which was basically choosing one of the four assignments and doing them. The four choices were: 1.) to create a unique blog post, 2.) think of ideas to be put into a toy dispenser (which is located in a teachers class, so whenever someone needs an idea they can go up to the machine and pop in 50 cents), 3.) using everyday objects we have to create an image with it. (inspired by Javier Perez, Instagram: @cintascotch), or 4.) creating a homework assignment that students would want to do. I decided to choose the third one.What Javier does with his art work is take everyday objects that no one really thinks about and draws around it to create a different image. This assignment made me see the uniqueness of boring old objects and giving them a greater meaning.


Here’s his instagram where he posts his drawings. Follow him on instagram. Honestly his drawings are so creative and simple.

PicMonkey Collage

These are just some of his drawing he has created. I really like the picture with the grape stem. Just how he took an item that no one gives a second thought on because it’s just something that holds the fruit. But he changes it by making it into a tree, giving it a purpose.


So we were allowed to start during class and only allowed to use items from inside our backpacks or pockets. I had those gold fish crackers for a snack, which I used and themed it like under the sea.


One thought on “Mishmash

  1. Hey, this is pretty cool 🙂
    I like the use of images in your description. The activity itself sounds like a lot of fun to do with bits and bobs lying around. Seems like a good way to get your brain moving.
    When you say “This assignment made me see the uniqueness of boring old objects…,” where does that uniqueness come from? What inspires it? Or is it taking the time to think about the objects that sparks the inspiration? What is it that makes you look at an everyday object and see it differently?

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