Chocolate Covered Strawberries


Ahh Valentine’s day. A day filled with love and sadness. Another name for the 14th of February is single awareness day, S.A.D. Valentine’s day is just another day but lonelier for some people. It gives you a chance to finally get the guts to ask out that special someone. I also feel like its a day were either the guy or girl can make up for all they have done by giving gifts and flowers. Did you know this day is when most babies are made. That’s why there are so many November babies. Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be just about giving gifts to Continue reading


Innovation Project


What if we had an idea that could benefit the lives of the people today. In English class we started a project called the “What if..” project. We basically think up an innovative idea and then go from there to making it a reality. It’s supposed to leave a lasting effect on the community or our school. Continue reading