Innovation Project


What if we had an idea that could benefit the lives of the people today. In English class we started a project called the “What if..” project. We basically think up an innovative idea and then go from there to making it a reality. It’s supposed to leave a lasting effect on the community or our school.


My group and I actually came up with a Zombie Apocalypses at school.  Which we would have it leading up to the Baron Games. The baron games is like the book The Hunger Games, but we have our school split up into gold vs. blue (our school color). Tributes are chosen to compete in games and which ever side wins gets tacos and slushies. We wanted to give a new twist to the baron games because it was going to be our third year having the games. So we thought one side would be zombie and the other side humans. The tributes would be the actual ones playing in this game trying to get one side all zombies or the humans surviving till the certain time limit. As we thought about it more and more there were so much problems with trying to get our project to happen. We first had to get it approved by our principle and activities director. This step took a while because our teacher wanted to get all the projects that had to get approved by our principle in at one time. As that happened we though of how to get the game to actually work and how we would fund to get the supplies for them to play. This project ended up being way to ambitious for us and we got rejected by the principle so we decided to change our project.

So our new project we chose is called the “Idea Dispenser.” It’s one of those toy machines that you see at outside of stores and at the mall, where u put in 50 cents and out comes a toy. Instead of toy our machine will give out ideas, phrases, or even inspirational quotes. We actually got this idea when our teacher was giving us different homework ideas to do, and one of them so happens to be to write out an idea so he could send them to a teacher at a different high school who actually started this whole thing. The first step to making this happen was to find a dispenser online that was big enough but didn’t cost a fortune. Also decide on which sized capsules we wanted inside the machine. We looked on amazon and eBay but they didn’t have the one we wanted or it was too expensive. We decided on a machine from because it had a great price and it also came with a stand. Next, we had to fund for it, so we had a Free car wash. Let me tell you 5 girls running a car wash is pretty exhausting and I also had my little brother hold signs up. I think a car wash is a great way to raise money. Also have a free car wash because people will be obligated to give you money anyways. We ended up getting $10 -$20 dollars from people. One person even gave us $100 dollar! So if we had a set price we would have had less money given. In the end we raised almost $300. We could have raised more but it looked like it was going to rain that day. Right now we are in the process of ordering the machine. All we have to do when it comes is set it up and come up with ideas to put inside of it. We hope to have this finished by the end of march so we can have it place inside our class room for everyone to use. I’ll make an updated blog post once we finish. (:


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