Chocolate Covered Strawberries


Ahh Valentine’s day. A day filled with love and sadness. Another name for the 14th of February is single awareness day, S.A.D. Valentine’s day is just another day but lonelier for some people. It gives you a chance to finally get the guts to ask out that special someone. I also feel like its a day were either the guy or girl can make up for all they have done by giving gifts and flowers. Did you know this day is when most babies are made. That’s why there are so many November babies. Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be just about giving gifts to that special other. It’s too expected to get a gift from someone on Valentine’s day. Why not have little cute gifts that come from the heart and give them out on a random day. I feel like that would keep the fire in the relationship burning because they don’t expect it. Unlike on Valentine’s day, where you pour out all your love and maybe money on that one day. Even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend, buying those little cards with the heart stickers you give out when you were in elementary, can make a great gift. My English teacher actually did this for his wife. He wrote in all 100 or so cards and hid them around her room. Even after months past there were still cards she found hiding around that made her day.

Anyways, either you’re celebrating this year with your lover or at home on the couch, chocolate strawberries are the way to go. They’re so fun to make and delicious too. Also these can just be given out to friends or you can keep them for yourself.



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