Avocado Smoothie


St. Patrick’s day is coming up and this week I have a perfect smoothie for you guys. Forget that shamrock shake from McDonald’s and make a healthier avocado smoothie. Did you know the original color for St. Patrick’s day is Continue reading


Strawberry Mango Orange Smoothie

smo A

“Sweet dreams though the guns are booming.”
― Erich Maria Remarque, All Quiet on the Western Front

So recently we have just finished the book All Quiet on the Western Front, and the quote above just reminded me of when I cook or decide to make something. I don’t know but I just like to make food late at night. Like if I wanted to bake cookies I would start at 9 or 10 at night. This is like the time everyone starts to go off to bed and I’m in the kitchen making noise. I don’t purposely do it though. Anyways this week I have a new smoothie Continue reading


March Madness Smoothies (Banana-Pineapple)


It’s March already? Wow time sure does fly. For this past week I have recently been obsessed with making my own smoothies. Honestly I’ve just took whatever fruits that we had and blended them up. They are so good and so much more healthier because no sugar is added at all. Only the natural sugar from the fruit sweetens it. So for this month I am going to post different smoothie combinations I have made. Continue reading