March Madness Smoothies (Banana-Pineapple)


It’s March already? Wow time sure does fly. For this past week I have recently been obsessed with making my own smoothies. Honestly I’ve just took whatever fruits that we had and blended them up. They are so good and so much more healthier because no sugar is added at all. Only the natural sugar from the fruit sweetens it. So for this month I am going to post different smoothie combinations I have made.

This week we have a banana and pineapple smoothie. These two go so well with each other. The tartness from the pineapple with the banana gives a great zing.



Step 1: Cut up one banana and pineapple. I used about 5-6 pieces of pineapples, but you can add in however much you please. Then, put it into your favorite blender. I’m just using one that looks like the magic bullet, if you know what that is.


Step 2: Add in a hand full of ice, screw on the lid, and blend. I had to squish down my fruit to add in the ice. I also like my smoothies thicker so I don’t blend it that long. But if you like more liquid-like then by all means blend it longer and add more ice.

And that’s it! It’s so easy and fast. And it tastes so good!


  • 1 Banana
  • 5-6 pieces of fresh pineapple
  • Hand full of ice

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