Avocado Smoothie


St. Patrick’s day is coming up and this week I have a perfect smoothie for you guys. Forget that shamrock shake from McDonald’s and make a healthier avocado smoothie. Did you know the original color for St. Patrick’s day is Continue reading


Cinnamon Apple Crisps


It’s almost that time of year. Christmas! In four days to be exact. For me this is the first day of winter break and I started it out with wiping out these bad boys.These cinnamon apple crisps are perfect to eat during this time. Or actually all the time. They are also so much healthier than regular chips, because these are baked and not fried. Continue reading


Butterscotch Toffee Cookies


These mouth watering cookies are the bomb dot com. They are more on the sweet side, so for all you people who have a sweet tooth, this cookie here is the one for you. They are crunchy on the outside, but soft, and chewy on the inside. I honestly make these cookies for every occasion. They are also the only cookies I ever make, that’s because they are so good its hard keep them from getting into my hands. Continue reading